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ADAC (Asset Design as Constructed) is a non-proprietary data specification and transport format (XML) for the description and transmission of asset design and as constructed data. 

Incorrect, missing or redundant data can cause your organisation significant time delays and money. ADAC is a strategic solution through quality data capture and management for government and utilities.

ADAC is available for asset owners at no cost, however we encourage you to become a member of the ADAC consortium. Benefits of membership include the ability to influence the ongoing development, governance and expansion of the specification. Consortium members also receive access to documents, tools and materials developed to support ADAC implementation and an opportunity to shape the strategic direction of ADAC in conjunction with BIM.

We have a panel of skilled providers to assist you with the implementation of ADAC. 

For further information, or to subscribe please contact:

Director, Technical Products
07 3632 6804



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Shape your organisation's future with ADAC

ADAC annual subscription based on constituents 
 Price plus GST
Councils with less than 25,000
Councils with 25,000 to 100,000
Councils with more than 100,000
Apply a 10% discount for subscribers to PWTS (highlighted in red)