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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Global Day of the Engineer brings together the international community to:

Celebrate the accomplishments of engineers

Give students around the world a chance to experience engineering

Share the amazing innovations engineers create every day.


  1. Leave a legacy.
  2. Create sustainable communities.
  3. Love your work.
  4. Work with amazing people.
  5. Solve problems in clever ways.
  6. Know that communities need you.
  7. You'll never be bored.
  8. A lifelong profession beyond retirement.
  9. Your skills are transferable and relevant.
  10. IPWEAQ acknowledges you.

Nominate an engineer for our Global Day of the Engineer award 2017

Thank you for sharing your engineering story. Check our website to see what others have said about engineers.
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"Engineers in Australia and globally are probably the most under rated of all professions. Rarely do we see movies where an engineer saves the day through a thoughtful application of applied science (with apologies to James Bond who must have studied engineering!) But the great majority of us take our satisfaction from the collaboration with our colleagues, and the positive influence we have on our communities and societies as a whole. We innovate, fix problems and usually go about this with a modicum of fuss or self-focus, while making sure the traffic flows, planes stay up in the air, people can drink safe water, buildings can withstand cyclones and people can enjoy a high standard of living through our efforts. It’s worth taking the time to reflect on this and the benefits of being part of a great global profession." Andrew Ryan, IPWEAQ Engineer 2015


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