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Joe Bannan


Joe Bannan Joe is an RPEQ and Manager, Asset Management, Brisbane Infrastructure at Brisbane City Council. 

He is an experienced engineer and strategic assest manager for public infrastructure particularly roads, public lighting, drains, park and property infrastructure.

Joe played a key role in teh recovery of Brisbane's damaged infrastrucuture following the January 2011 flood and was awarded a National Emergency Medal for his efforts.

His current focus is on systems, process and people improvements in an organisation where asset management practice is mature and well respected.

President's Report
September 2017

Things have been busy since my last Presidents report with the activities of IPWEAQ, the busy progress of our respective local governments and the focus on improving asset management for us all. 

I recently had the opportunity to discuss good practice in Asset management with the Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning. When talking about good practice for asset management I still find myself talking about basic practice like the need for good data, good decision making, support from the top of our organisations, and a good staff culture. It feels like we're covering the same initiatives over and over as this is no different to what I started with when I first started in asset management many years ago. So why don't we get it right or perhaps more the point why do other people think we're not getting it right? 

I guess it's up to each of us to consider this with a dedicated focus and not just put the issue on the back burner to later determine what the issue is with our own portfolios. For many of us this task is difficult, possibly due to turnover of staff or conflicting workloads and the need to prioritise the most urgent thing first. This typically means getting as constructed information on time or collecting condition data or spending time on modelling future needs is deferred. And if you do you have the time to do all this perhaps the actual concern is the way we tell the story and how well it understood by our leaders. 

On other issues, I recently had the pleasure of travelling to the Perth for the IPWEA biennial conference. I haven't been to Perth before and I was quite taken by how attractive it is with its mix of new city towers and old smaller historic buildings. 

The conference was great with many great papers and presentations. Some papers were traditional project-type papers and some picked up on the changes in work environment and technology. 

So now in addition to focusing on asset management, we find ourselves concentrating on the ‘smart city’ concepts, public space security, autonomous vehicles, coordinating Works with others to get the best outcome and the needs of our young engineers coming through our organisations. These young engineers are our future leaders and after meeting some of them at the conference, I feel that our future is bright and in good hands. 

Now my attention turns to our October State conference which will be held in Townsville. If you haven't got your attendance sorted out yet you should arrange this as it will be a great event with many learning opportunities and a time to catch up with your professional network.  

Also in Townsville, we will be having our Annual General Meeting and this will see the changeover of the IPWEAQ board. It will be a pleasure to see Seren McKenzie become the first female president of IPWEAQ. Seren has been the Vice President of IPWEAQ for a period of four years as well as a Director of IPWEA for about 2 years. She has all the traits of great president. If you don't know Seren yet, you will and I'm sure you will agree that she will lead IPWEAQ in great directions and will unlock many doors for us. 

I would also like to thank departing board members who have given so much of their spare time and passion to the Institute including Murray Erbs who I mentioned in my last report, Steve Hegedus and Dwayne Honor.

This is my last president’s report to you all and I would like to thank you all for your continued membership and support of the Institute. It's been a pleasure to be your president and I am more confident than ever that the network of engineering staff in local government in Queensland are the most professional and competent practitioners in Australia. My best wishes to you all.

Joe Bannan