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Joe Bannan


Joe Bannan is an experienced engineer and strategic asset manager for public infrastructure particularly roads, public lighting, drains, park and property infrastructure. 

Joe is the current IPWEAQ President, an RPEQ and Manager, Asset Management, Brisbane Infrastructure at Brisbane City Council. 

Joe played a key role in the recovery of Brisbane's damaged infrastructure following the January 2011 flood and was awarded a National Emergency Medal for his efforts. 

His current focus is on systems, process and people improvements in an organisation where asset management practice is mature and well respected.

President's Report
December 2016

It’s now time to reflect upon the year that has just passed. For me, this has been a fantastic year with many achievements to celebrate.

As an institute, we have been able to deliver a number of events this year that have brought our members and community of public works professionals together. There are so many highlights but two that stand out to me include playing IPWEAQ bingo at the state conference in Brisbane which led into a brilliant couple of days of discussion and presentations. The second is at the other end of the spectrum - the more modest NQ Branch conference held in Lucinda where I was reminded that a low key conference can also deliver most everything we need to learn from each other. North Queensland is a truly beautiful part of the world and as public works professionals it is our job to lead our communities to protect our state for future generations.

Back in my March President’s Report, I predicted change and declared my goal for the year to be present at all of my daughter’s major events for her final year of high school.

As far as predicting change, it is so inevitable these days it’s a safe prediction to make. During the year there was plenty of change with many of us receiving new direction from our leaders. I managed to adapt to the changes presented to me in my role but there were many proposals that I may not have pursued had they not been put to me. In hindsight, the paths I would have taken would have achieved the desired outcomes but I am the first to admit I do not have all the answers. Intervention and redirection from others ensures that we get to the outcome in a more considered and collaborative way.

As far as my goal to play a big part of my daughter’s final year of school, I am happy to say I did it. Well she did it too. I participated in homework and study and I attended all major assembles, performances, the formal, parties and graduation ceremonies. What was of most value to me though was the daily 40 minute drive to school where I could just talk with her. I know I will look back at this year and be satisfied that I did everything I could to be part of her year.

Congratulations to all other members who also saw their child through Year 12. It’s quite an achievement.

Congratulations also to all our excellence and other award and scholarship recipients throughout the year. And a special thanks to our staff – at IPWEAQ and qldwater – and volunteers on Working Groups and branch committees that are tireless in their efforts for IPWEAQ. Without our staff and volunteers nothing would happen. If you would like to volunteer in some way but you are not sure how, I would be discuss the options with you and we might even come up with some new ideas.

I also want to thank all of our Partners, sponsors and exhibitors because without them we just could not do what we do. It’s been a great year because of the loyal, enduring partnerships we have forged.

Well Christmas is now upon us along with holidays and then a new year. My best wishes and thoughts are with you all.

Safe holidays and see you next year.

Joe Bannan