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QUDM is intended to assist engineers and stormwater designers in the planning, design and management of urban stormwater drainage systems in Queensland. It addresses the technical and regulatory aspects, provides details of appropriate design methods and computational procedures and covers both hydrologic and hydraulic procedures as well as environmental and legal aspects.

The manual is an engineering guideline designed to be used in partnership with other design manuals on topics such as floodplain management, total water cycle management, water sensitive urban design, and natural channel design and needs to be applied appropriately to local conditions.

QUDM is not intended to be a floodplain management manual.

QUDM was first published in 1992 and is a joint venture between IPWEAQ, the Brisbane City Council (BCC) and the Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS).

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QUDM is due for release 

June 2017

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