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February 2017

The new IPWEAQ Knowledge Centre will be accessible only to IPWEAQ members. 

The Knowledge Centre will be a vital source of resources including podcasts and webinars, articles, case studies and other information on engineering in the public works sector. Papers delivered at all IPWEAQ conferences - state and branch conferences - plus articles published in our journal will be included and fully searchable in the Knowledge Centre.

Articles of relevance to Queensland practitioners from interestate and overseas will also be sourced for the Knowledge Centre.

Conference Proceedings (podcasts)
Prices plus GST

Listen to the podcasts of the 2016 state conference held in Brisbane, 8-10 November 2016 including all keynote and plenary sessions and all papers presented in all 12 streams.

Conference podcasts will be accessible for free to (paid) delegates registered for the 2016 state conference held in Brisbane, 8-10 November 2016. Other members and non-members may subscribe for access to the podcasts. 

If you were unable to attend the conference but would like to listen to the recordings of papers delivered at the conference including all keynote and plenary sessions and all papers delivered across 12 streams, please subscribe.

Search through our catalog of articles on topics related to public works including articles delivered at IPWEAQ state and branch conferences, articles published in our quarterly e-Journal, Engineering for Public Works and articles sourced by our Information Resources Manager from across Australia and internationally.

This service is only available to IPWEAQ members.

For more information about our Knowledge Centre, please contact Leigh Cunningham.