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Raad Jarjees

Branch President

Program and Technical Services Manager, Infrastructure Services Department

Ipswich City Council

0457 564 615


SEQ Branch Committee

Gleb Kolenbet (Vice President, Key Contacts, Branch Events)

Land Development Engineer, Redland City Council

Craig Young (NAMS-Q, Membership)

Manager Civil Asset Management, Sunshine Coast Council

Jessica Kahl (YIPWEAQ)

IPWEAQ Ambassador, Aurecon

Sophia Andary (YIPWEAQ, Knowledge Centre & Journal)

Civil Designer, Infrastructure Services Department, Ipswich City Council 

Weena Lokuge (Knowledge Centre & Journal)

Senior Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland 

Casey Lee (Excellence Awards & Professional Development)
Senior Civil Engineering Design Supervisor, Logan City Council

Michael Pattinson
Road Construction Program Leader, Logan City Council

SEQ Branch President's Report
September 2017

This is my first SEQ Branch President’s report having taken on the role from Murray Erbs who was in the position for the past four years. Murray retired from on 1 July 2017 to become the new IPWEA NAMS Chair following the retirement of Peter Way PSM after 12 years in the role. On behalf of the SEQ Branch, I wish Murray well in his new role and we wish Peter the best for his retirement although we’re sure Peter will remain connected with us.

I am very excited about our incoming SEQ Branch committee with five new faces including three women and three Young IPWEAQ (YIPWEAQ) members. Like the NQ Branch, we received an unprecedented number of nominations (seven) for four positions and have expanded our branch committee accordingly. I’d like to welcome the following members to the SEQ Branch committee:

  • Gleb Kolenbet, Redland City Council 
  • Craig Young, Sunshine Coast Council 
  • Jessica Kahl, Aurecon 
  • Sophia Andary, Ipswich City Council 
  • Weena Lokuge, University of Southern Queensland 
  • Casey Lee, Logan City Council 
  • Michael Pattinson, Logan City Council

I am very excited about what your SEQ Branch committee will achieve over the next two years. We plan to forge a new path and establish a more dynamic and engaging branch in the south-east corner. We will also be proactively engaging with industry to ensure we are all working collaboratively towards a common goal. We also look forward to working with other IPWEAQ branches across portfolios to share ideas and initiatives.

No matter where you work or live, you will have noticed a lot happening with regard to smart cities, new technology including drones, driverless cars, smart mobility and transport, electric cars and recharge stations, smart lighting, smart recycling, smart collections, etc. Although it doesn’t end my frustration, and yours either I expect, sitting at a traffic light waiting for red to turn green when there are no other cars in proximity. But the good news is you might have a WIFI or LIFI available at the lights to enjoy your time (although I am not recommending you use your smart phone while driving!)

The first in a series of SEQ Technical Days was launched in Caloundra late August with the ‘Smart City, Smart Street and Living Lab Tour’ which proved to be very successful event for both delegates and Partners/exhibitors. There was plenty of discussion generated throughout the day which is a key objective of these events (as opposed to inactive listening to a speaker at a conference). Our thanks to the Sunshine Coast Council for hosting this inaugural initiative.

SEQ Branch Technical Series 

commencing July 2017

IPWEAQ state conference

Townsville, 24-26 October 2017

SWQ Branch conference

Goondiwindi, 15-16 March 2018

NQ Branch conference

Cairns, 18-20 April 2018

CQ Branch conference

Barcaldine, 14-16 June 2018

SEQ Branch conference, Logan, 9-10 May 2017 conference wrap-up. See Photos.

Branch Scholarships

SEQ Branch members who require assistance to attend the IPWEAQ state conference to be held in Townsville, 24-26 October 2017 may apply for a branch scholarship. For more information, please contact Leigh Cunningham.

Branch President's Report continued/...

Andrew Ryan, Director Infrastructure Services, Sunshine Coast Council and incoming IPWEAQ Board member, will join the negative team (arguing that smart cities are smart) for the Great Debate at the state conference in Townsville, 24-26 October 2017. It should be an interesting debate. When smart is no longer smart enough and when digital technology is not digital enough, I wonder what will be our way forward to becoming event smarter. I look forward to considering this with you at the conference in Townsville and encourage our SEQ Branch members to join us in the tropical north.

Raad Jarjees

SEQ Branch President