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Raad Jarjees

Branch President

Program and Technical Services Manager, Infrastructure Services Department

Ipswich City Council

0457 564 615


SEQ Branch Committee

Gleb Kolenbet (Vice President, Key Contacts, Branch Events)

Land Development Engineer, Redland City Council

Craig Young (NAMS-Q, Membership)

Manager Civil Asset Management, Sunshine Coast Council

Jessica Kahl (YIPWEAQ)

IPWEAQ Ambassador, Aurecon

Sophia Andary (YIPWEAQ, Knowledge Centre & Journal)

Civil Designer, Infrastructure Services Department, Ipswich City Council 

Weena Lokuge (Knowledge Centre & Journal)

Senior Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland 

Casey Lee (Excellence Awards & Professional Development)
Senior Civil Engineering Design Supervisor, Logan City Council

Michael Pattinson
Road Construction Program Leader, Logan City Council

Chris Mantell (YIPWEAQ)

Senior Civil Engineer, Cardno

Councils in the SEQ Branch

Brisbane City Council, Gympie Regional Council, City of Gold Coast, Ipswich City Council, Logan City Council, Noosa Council, North Burnett Regional Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Redland City Council.

SEQ Branch President's Report
March 2018

The SEQ Branch Committee has hit the ground running with the arrival of 2018. We had our first meeting in January where we exchanged ideas and initiatives to improve the connection with our members and other colleagues in the public works sector.

One action arising from that meeting is a proposed 2019 SEQ Branch Conference which will take a different direction to all previous SEQ conferences. The idea is to collaborate with an academic institution such as USQ, UQ, QUT and Griffith to connect directly with the next generation of public works engineers offering them an opportunity to participate in the shaping of our future.

In early February, I attended the 2018 IPWEAQ Strategic Planning Day with several other members of the SEQ Branch committee. The core headings in the IPWEAQ Strategic Plan were the focus of discussion: INFORMS, CONNECTS, REPRESENTS and LEADS. As the SEQ Branch President, I was very pleased to participate in developing our future direction with my SEQ Branch committee members as we shared and contributed to the overall group discussion.

The following day, we attended the President’s Breakfast to offer our thanks to our Partners and sponsors. It was also an excellent opportunity to experience the close connection that exists between public works engineers and industry leaders and representatives. I was pleased to be able to introduce our Young IPWEAQ Chair, Ambassador and SEQ Branch committee member, Jessica Kahl to Gavin Blakey, Chair of Engineers Without Borders who later delivered a presentation to the IPWEAQ Board on future collaboration between our respective organisations.

In February, the Winter Olympics captured our hearts and minds and allowed us to once more be inspired by our youth and their commitment to transforming dreams into reality. We should draw more from this celebration of talent and hard work to encourage our younger members to assume leading roles in shaping public works for a better future for all our communities.

The Commonwealth Games is another major event that will shortly take place at our gorgeous City of the Gold Coast, and like all other big sporting events, it will be the subject of much conversation. However, behind the scenes, we all know there is a dedicated and committed team which has worked tirelessly over an extended period of time to prepare the city for their time in the international spotlight. As is often the way with public works, a lot of what they have achieved won’t be visible on the surface to the public or media at large. However, when we hold our IPWEAQ annual conference at The Marriott, Surfers Paradise, 10 -12 October, we’ll enjoy technical tours and presentations from the City of Gold Coast team on all those unseen successes others may have taken for granted. We also look forward to celebrating their successes at the 2018 IPWEAQ excellence awards.

  • 3 May, EJ Access Solutions, Brendale Factory Tour

  • 20 June, Komatsu, Wacol “operational hub” tour (limited to 30 attendees)

We invite our Partners to join with us in delivering Technical Tours for members in SEQ. Contact Craig Moss to arrange a tour of your facility.

SWQ Branch conference

Goondiwindi, 15-16 March 2018

NQ Branch conference

Cairns, 18-20 April 2018

Barcaldine, 14-16 June 2018

IPWEAQ state conference

Gold Coast, 10-12 October 2018

SEQ Branch conference, Logan, 9-10 May 2017 conference wrap-up. See Photos.

Branch Scholarships

SEQ Branch members who require assistance to attend the IPWEAQ annual conference to be held on the Gold Coast, 10-12 October 2018 may apply for a branch scholarship. For more information, please contact Leigh Cunningham.

Branch President's Report 
continued ...

February marked a milestone for IPWEAQ as we welcomed our 700th member, Chris Mantell, a Senior Engineer at Cardno who also joins the SEQ Branch committee.Now, we wait here in the south east corner for the Commonwealth Games torch as it makes its way to the City of Gold Coast. Good luck and best wishes to our colleagues at the City of Gold Coast!

Raad Jarjees

SEQ Branch President