Enhancing the quality of life for all Queensland communities

Our plans for the future of public works engineering in Queensland ...

Strategy 1: Informs: Promote Excellence in the Delivery of Sustainable Public Works and Services

1.1 Promote the business of IPWEAQ

1.2 Promote the achievements of public works practitioners

Strategy 2: Connects: Facilitating the Development and Exchange of Ideas, Information and Technology

2.1 Maintain active branches

2.2 Engage with members

2.3 Provide relevant, contemporary and innovative products and services

2.4 Build and maintain collaborative networks

2.5 Provide a sense of belonging to a professional community

Strategy 3: Represents: Advancing Public Works Engineering and Services issues on the Public Agenda

3.1 Promote public works 

3.2 Promote the available pathways for students and the 'contribution to community' aspect of a career dedicated to public works

Strategy 4: Leads: Fostering the career and skills growth of members

4.1 Support career development and progression

4.2 Provide access to information that will assist members to perform their roles

4.3 Support the development of knowledge and skills


Our value propositions

IPWEAQ is the peak body representing those working in the public works sector in Queensland.  

Our Knowledge Centre is an essential resource for anyone involved in public works in Queensland.

Our quarterly e-journal is valued for its technical and industry-relevant content. 

Our technical products are widely-adopted and are leading-edge.

Our comprehensive professional development program is innovative and exceeds the needs of members and industry.

Our conferences are must-attend events.

An IPWEQ excellence award is highly sought after.

Our members enjoy a strong sense of community through our proactive branch network.

We uphold professional standards as an RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland) assessor.

IPWEAQ influences government and industry.