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2021 IPWEAQ Board Elections

This is the first year IPWEAQ Board elections will be conducted electronically in accordance (Clause 36 of the IPWEAQ constitution). An electronic system resolves issues with the previous paper process including postal delays (votes arriving late) and voters not following instructions with votes declared invalid. Only financial members of IPWEAQ will be able to access the voting portal. All votes received until the portal closes 4pm Wednesday 4 August 2021, will be valid subject to sign-off by two independent scrutineers appointed to review the results. You will also receive a confirmation that your vote was received.

There are two contested positions including Vice President and At-Large (two positions available). All members are entitled to vote for these positions. There are two At Large positions available on the Board however members will only vote for one candidate. The two candidates receiving the most number of votes will be declared elected.

Candidate Profiles

The order of candidates on the Voting Forms has been drawn by ballot (recorded with video) in the presence of the Returning Officer (IPWEAQ CEO).

Voting Papers

An email with links to the Voting Forms for each of the above positions has been sent to all Voting Members.

All queries, please contact:  Leigh Cunningham, Returning Officer/CEO, Leigh.Cunningham@ipweaq.com