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2021 IPWEAQ Board Elections

In accordance with clause 36(d)(i) of the IPWEAQ constitution, I hereby call for nominations for positions on the IPWEAQ Board.

Please complete the form and declarations (right) and SUBMIT IPWEAQ NOMINATION FORM before 4pm Tuesday 13 July 2021.

Please contact the Returning Officer if you should have any queries.

Leigh Cunningham

Returning Officer


The Process

(i) the Returning Officer shall call for nominations for all positions at least three (3) months prior to the AGM; (ii) nominations shall be on the form prescribed by the Returning Officer from time to time which may include any electronic format; (iii) nomination forms must be received by the date and time specified on the form; (iv) a candidate may nominate for more than one position which shall be determined in the following sequence: President, Vice President, At-Large Directors, Branch President. Once elected to a position, the candidate will not be considered for any other position in the sequence; (v) should there be more nominations received than the number of positions to be filled, Voting Members will be asked to vote for their preferred candidate; (vi) at least two (2) months prior to the AGM, the Returning Officer shall instruct Voting Members on how they may vote for candidates including utilising any electronic format.

Nomination and Declarations

I hereby nominate for the following position(s) on the IPWEAQ Board to take effect at the IPWEAQ Annual General Meeting to be held in Cairns, Wednesday 13 October 2021.

I am a financial member of IPWEAQ and will continue to be a financial member throughout the nomination/election process.

I am not an undischarged Bankrupt.

Note: if you wish to nominate for multiple positions, please complete this form for each position.

I acknowledge receipt of your nomination for a position on the IPWEAQ Board.

Leigh Cunningham
Returning Officer/CEO
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