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Engineering Annual Conference 2020 Brisbane

If you were unable to attend #IPWEAQ19, you may wish to subscribe to the Conference Proceedings offering exceptional value at 22 CPD hours for $27 per hour.

The 2019 IPWEAQ Annual Conference was our highest attended conference to date with 525 delegates from 45 

councils and 144 organisations with 55 exhibitors.  Please see our highlights video.

Conference Proceedings (videos, PowerPoint presentations and papers) including all keynote and plenary presentations, all presentations delivered across all 12 streams, the Great Debate and Futures Challenge are now available for delegates and for subscribers. 
2019 Conference Proceedings
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This has been probably the best conference… last year was really good and this has been better.

Hari Wijeratne, A2K Technologies

This is the fourth year we have attended now and every year it gets better and better. This is one of the best ones.

Steve Latimer, Interflow

Excellent event. Great venue; great functions; great attendance.

Jim Wagner, Joe Wagner Group

The papers presented were so very insightful and informative. I got as much out of them as I would have in undertaking a training course on the subject... I hope that my workplace chooses to send me again. It was fantastic.

Jessica Cristaudo, 

Whitsunday Regional Council

It’s one of those conferences where the papers have been at a very high level of technology and it hasn’t really mattered in which field. It’s a great array from roads, road safety, through to water and sewerage and even soft skills.

Ged Brennan, GenEng Solutions

The best part about it is that I can speak with hundreds of delegates and customers that are directly involved in the purchasing of yellow plant in one place.

John Tannahill, Komatsu

Being a student within local government, the event provided me with the opportunity to better understand types of work and projects which I might be involved in in the future... The seminar from the Pretengineers, and other younger speakers interested me the most. Therefore, as graduate engineers and students are really the future, having sessions and seminars which might appeal more to them, whilst being engaging for more experienced engineers.

Thomas Sotiriadis, City of Ipswich

Great event. Can't wait for the next one.

Sean Rice, Proterra Group

This has been a really good conference. We always enjoy it and is the reason we keep coming back because it’s always a good time with plenty of fun mixed in with the serious stuff.

Joe Ash, Wagners

It’s been a fantastic opportunity for us to catch up with our colleagues and friends within the construction and infrastructure industry.

Matt Bradbury, McCullough Robertson

Really good networking with nice people. Well organised. It’s just been a really good event as usual.

Steve Bryan, Reinforced Concrete 

Pipes Australia

This conference has been sensational from our point of view, catching up with many of our clients across industry.

Matt Bradbury, McCullough Robertson

The event is a great way to network with local government engineers and learn from the experience of others.

Brad Jones, Premise

I have only grown to know IPWEAQ over the last year, and I am impressed with how influential that it is over the roadway engineering domain, locally, and the state and national levels.

Daniel Emerson, Queensland

University of Technology