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Craig Moss

Director, Professional Services

07 3632 6805

Kate O'Riordan

Professional Development Manager

We invest time listening to you, whether it is direct feedback, the learnings that derive from our conference programs or the challenges we are able to identify from media or other external sources. Ultimately, it all comes down to addressing ‘needs’ and understanding the desired outcomes.

Craig Moss

Director, Professional Services

Discounted rates on your choice of PD programs. Contact Craig Moss on 3632 6805 for more information.

Packages: $5,000 and $10,000 

Plus GST


Introduction to asset management

Introduction to Asset Management

(Up to 6 CPD hours)

Brisbane: 3 March 2020 CLOSING SOON!

Cairns: 26 March 2020

Native Title and Cultural Heritage

(Up to 6 CPD hours)

Cairns: 19 February 2020 FULL!

Hervey Bay: 24 March 2020 FULL!

Maroochydore: 7 April 2020 NEW!

Brisbane: 6-7 May 2020 NEW!

Mackay: 25 February 2020 NEW!

Brisbane: 23 April 2020 NEW!

Road Safety Audit

Road Safety Audit 

(Up to 16 CPD hours)


Townsville: 9-10 March 2020 FULL!

Sprayed Bitumen 

(Up to 7 CPD hours)

Townsville: 22 April 2020 NEW!

QUDM Workshop

Brisbane:10 March 2020 NEARLY FULL!

Revisions and Additions

Brisbane:18 March 2020 NEW!

Brisbane: 18-20 February 2020 FULL!
Brisbane: 13-15 October 2020 NEW!

Brisbane: 12 March 

Cairns: 21 May

Brisbane: 27-29 April  

Brisbane: 29 April

Center for pavement engineering education

CPEE Short Courses

Flexible Pavement Design

Brisbane: 24-25 March 2020

Brisbane: 27-28 October 2020

Mechanistic Pavement Design 

Brisbane: 26 March 2020

                                                                         Brisbane: 29 October 2020

                                                                         Road and Public Space Lighting

                                                                         Brisbane: 14-15 July 2020

Please contact Kate O'Riordan on 07 3632 6807 for information on any of our training programs. We can also develop and tailor a course or certification program to suit your needs. 

To register more than three individuals for a course or event, please download the group registration form and return it to our Relationship Manager, Johanna Vanling

Managing risks on lower order roads