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Kate O'Riordan

Professional Development Manager

Are you an RPEQ? 

Sign up to the IPWEAQ CPD Scheme and we will track and audit your CPD hours

IPWEAQ assessment scheme includes: (150 hours over three years):

  1. Attendance at IPWEAQ courses and conferences (unlimited hours)
  2. Contributions to IPWEAQ Working Groups (max 50 hours)
  3. Formal post-graduate study (unlimited)
  4. Private study eg. reading Engineering for Public Works (max 18 hours)
  5. On-the-job learning (max 75 hours)
  6. Preparation of articles for publication in the journal or papers for delivery at IPWEAQ conferences (max 45 hours per paper).

RPEQ renewals commence 30 March.

When you renew your RPEQ, check the box to declare you are a part of an assessment entity’s CPD scheme. We will provide BPEQ with a list of participants and confirm they have complied with the IPWEAQ CPD scheme.