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The March issue of our quarterly e-journal, Engineering for Public Works includes an International Women's Day (IWD) feature with articles from inspirational women in our sector including Julie Mitchell, Chief Engineer, TMR. 

As Chief Engineer for the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Julie has the chance to lead a large group of exceptional male and female engineers, contributing to improving the lives of Queenslanders striving for value for money, reduced environmental impacts and better, more resilient infrastructure. See Julie's article on pages 27-29 of the journal.

Madeline Price is the National Director of the One Woman Project, a youth-led NFP dedicated to education and advocacy promoting global gender equality. Growing up in rural Queensland, Madeline was often confronted with gender roles and stereotype. See Madeline's aricle on pages 30-31 of the journal.

When I was in primary and high school, I did not know of a single engineer – let alone a woman in engineering – who I could point to and say, ‘That might be a career path that I am interested in pursuing’. These women, if they existed at all, were invisible to me growing up in rural Queensland.

Madeline Price, National Director of the One Woman Project


#PressforProgress.  Motivate and unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.

Woman in Engineering award winners

A message from our President

According to the World Economic Forum's 2017 Global Gender Gap Report it will take 217 years to achieve gender parity in the workforce yet gender-diverse leadership has been proven to increase the skills businesses need to navigate the disruptive trends transforming industry. 

Female graduates in engineering as a whole are currently 14% while IPWEAQ has only 10% female members. We have developed strategies to improve this over the coming years with support from programs such as the Dream Big project (aimed at high school girls) delivered by our Young IPWEAQ Chair and Ambassador, Jessica Kahl. Our IWD feature this year includes articles from TMR’s Chief Engineer, Julie Mitchell and Madeline Price, National Director of the One Woman Project, a youth-led organisation dedicated to education about and advocacy promoting global gender equality.

Seren McKenzie

IPWEAQ President

Please contact our CEO, Leigh Cunningham to get involved with IPWEAQ campaigns aimed at encouraging women into a career in engineering and public works.