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We welcome anyone actively involved in the delivery of public works and services in Queensland including engineers, technical officers, supervisors, fleet managers and operational managers.

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Derek Stringfellow reaches 50 years of membership with IPWEAQ!

Congratulations to one of our founding members, Derek Stringfellow! Derek, Emeritus member and past IPWEAQ President (1982-1984) reached 50 Years’ membership, having joined in January 1970. Our many thanks to Derek for his role in forming our inaugural association, the Local Government Engineers Association of Queensland.

Member #900

Ben Staniford

Member #950 Eddie McDermott

We are very pleased to welcome IPWEAQ's 900th and 950th members within four weeks of one another!

Membership Milestones (January-March 2020)

Mike Brady, 25 Years

Allan Hull, 20 Years

Dale Eliott, 15 Years

John Knott, 15 Years

Justin Holzheimer, 10 Years

Larry Griffiths, 10 Years

Terry McIvor, 10 Years

David Donohue, 10 Years

David Ayriss, 5 Years

Nicholas Wellwood, 5 Years

Ashleigh Tomkins, 5 Years

Frank Nastasi, 5 Years

Jamie McCaul, 5 Years

John Teague, 5 Years

Steven Pirlo, 5 Years

Darryl Airlie, 5 Years

Bede Castles, 5 Years


Thank you to our members for their contributions to the Institute and to our sector. It is most appreciated! 

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