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Craig Murrell


Craig Murrell 


Wave International

Principal Civil Engineer (RPEQ)

March 2018 – Present

M1 Consulting

Director and Senior Civil Engineer (RPEQ) November 2013 – February 2018

Gladstone Regional Council

  • Manager, Technical Services, September 2011 – October 2013
  • Manager, Infrastructure Planning, October 2008 – September 2011
  • Special Projects Manager – Infrastructure Planning, May 2008 – October 2008 

Calliope Shire Council

Manager, Water Services

November 2002 – May 2008

Wagga Wagga City Council

  • Engineering Assets, Senior Engineer, January 2002 – November 2002
  • Waste Management, Asset and Services Engineer, May 1998 – January 2002

Forbes Shire Council

  • Asset and Urban Engineer, August 1996 – April 1998
  • Roads and Rural Engineer, June 1994 – August 1996

President's Report
June 2020

A lot has happened since the March issue of the journal, including an unexpected pandemic which had a profound effect on our sector and the economy. In response, we launched Public Works TV (PW-TV), an online platform for a discussion of the challenges as they arose. The recordings of the sessions held to date are available in the Knowledge Centre and continue to receive high rates of access. Many thanks, to Alton Twine, Mike Brady, Glenda Kirk, Lydia Daly, A2K Technologies and HUESKER for contributing to PW-TV.

Just a few months later, we are almost returned to normal despite earlier predictions which contemplated a year in lockdown. While over the decades, our sector has not been known to be affected or driven by rapid change, we have learned to prepare for it and many councils were in a position to quickly enact business continuity plans. And arising from the restructuring of our economy post COVID-19, our sector will play a key role delivering infrastructure projects.

By now, members will have received an online ballot paper to vote regarding the proposed winding up of the IPWEAQ Queensland Foundation. The IPWEAQ Board established the Foundation in 1984 to deliver eight Objects for the benefit of IPWEAQ members all related to study, research and education.

As you would appreciate, the business landscape in which we operate is vastly different now to what it was in 1984.

In 1984, the Institute did not have any employees to deliver these benefits directly; it was solely reliant on volunteers who contributed immensely to deliver LOGOV, international study tours, research projects etc. In 2020, we are a registered charity with 19 employees, and continuing to expand - see new recruits on page 92

The Engine Room 

Members Lounge

Waiting Area

In 1984 we had less than 100 members and as at June 2020, we have 1,020 members being the first Division in the IPWEA Group to achieve the 1,000 member milestone in May this year. 

In 1984, we did not have a dedicated office or Chief Executive Officer. As of Friday 12 June, we now occupy 1,355 sqm facilities in Eagle Farm.

Time is moving on for the Institute just as quickly as COVID-19 came and went and I encourage members to vote in favour of the proposal to wind up the IPWEA Qld Foundation. On behalf of the Foundation Trustees and the IPWEAQ Board, we would like to acknowledge and thank all Trustees past and present for their contributions over the past 36 years which offered members extensive opportunities for growth and improvement which advanced our sector.

Craig Murrell