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Seren McKenzie


Seren McKenzie is the first female President of IPWEAQ in its 47 year history. She is currently the Manager, Infrastructure Planning and Design at Lockyer Valley Regional Council. Seren’s focus is on improving her department’s efficiencies including the development of strategies, policies and procedures that result in higher levels of customer service. She ensures all members of her team are offered the opportunity to achieve their best. 

Seren’s diverse experience in infrastructure services includes managing pre-construction services of design, survey, and associated roads and drainage technical services, as well as waste services, water and sewerage operations and soils testing. She is also experienced in operational works, asset management and strategy development. 


Seren has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), a Masters in Engineering Technology (Environmental) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental).  She is a qualified Registered Professional Engineer (RPEQ) and a Fellow of IPWEAQ. Seren was awarded the IPWEAQ Woman in Engineering (2012).

President's Report

As I write my first column as the President of IPWEAQ, I am reflecting on how quickly time flies with two months of my 24 month term already behind me but I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. The IPWEAQ Board composition saw a number of changes at the AGM with several long-standing Board members retiring. We thank them for their valuable contributions and commitment over the years.

The first meeting of the new Board was held the day after the state conference in Townsville and I am very confident the Institute will continue to move forward to grasp our current and future challenges under the direction of our CEO and Board.

The success of the projects we deliver and the people who shine in our industry were celebrated at the 2017 IPWEAQ gala awards ceremony and dinner. There were many exciting and innovative projects nominated evidencing how we, as engineering professionals, continue to find the most efficient and effective ways to deliver for our communities. The ‘people awards’ were bestowed on very worthy winners and it was clear the audience agreed wholeheartedly. All winners celebrated their successes in true IPWEAQ fashion and I am sure they will continue to take pride in the recognition of their achievements. It really was an excellent night and very special for our community.

In the coming months, our four branch committees together with the Board and our CEO will meet and refresh our strategic objectives to assist Leigh as she plots a course over the coming years for IPWEAQ. 

This is an important process for the organisation to ensure we remain relevant in our industry, and continue to deliver the tools, information and resources that enable our members to succeed which then transforms our communities. This is something we, as public works engineers and technicians, are very proud to do.

The release of the updated QUDM has proven highly popular with supporting training around the regions and in-house in high demand. This is a long awaited release which provides much needed support to engineering in expectations and solutions for urban drainage concerns. Without the dedication and hard work of our Working Groups and Steering Committees, seminal publications like QUDM would be very difficult to produce, so once again I would like to thank all those involved in this iteration of QUDM.

A Steering Committee has been formed and has now met a few times for the Complete Streets review. This is another important document for our industry. With Ged Brennan chairing this committee of high calibre experts in their fields, we look forward to updates on the progress of the proposed new manual for street planning and design. Given the scope of the project outlined by IPWEAQ Fellow, John Derbyshire, expectations on the significance of what this committee will develop is very high. The Board will review this at its first meeting early in 2018 and we will invite key stakeholders to contribute to the funding of this future-focussed publication.

I wish you all a safe Christmas and holiday period, and I look forward to catching up with everyone at our regional branch events in 2018 but firstly, I invite you to join us this year at the President’s Breakfast in Brisbane, 9 February 2018.

Seren McKenzie