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Seren McKenzie


Seren McKenzie is the first female President of IPWEAQ in its 47 year history. She is currently the Manager, Infrastructure Planning and Design at Lockyer Valley Regional Council. Seren’s focus is on improving her department’s efficiencies including the development of strategies, policies and procedures that result in higher levels of customer service. She ensures all members of her team are offered the opportunity to achieve their best. 

Seren’s diverse experience in infrastructure services includes managing pre-construction services of design, survey, and associated roads and drainage technical services, as well as waste services, water and sewerage operations and soils testing. She is also experienced in operational works, asset management and strategy development. 


Seren has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), a Masters in Engineering Technology (Environmental) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental).  She is a qualified Registered Professional Engineer (RPEQ) and a Fellow of IPWEAQ. Seren was awarded the IPWEAQ Woman in Engineering (2012).

President's Report
September 2018

It has been a sad time for me with the passing mid-August of my father, Malcolm McKenzie. It’s a valuable reminder for all of us to take time to spend with family. However, this sad time was followed by a very happy day when I married my long-time partner, Sonia on 25 August. I would like to thank everyone who voted ‘yes’ last November.

At IPWEAQ, we are continuing to progress the new Street Design & Planning Manual (SPDM) with a move now into more detailed development with the formation of two Working Groups for Detailed Design & Standards led by Brad Carey, Coordinator - Engineering & Environment Assessment at Sunshine Coast Council and the Street Planning Working Group led by Paul Eagles, Principal at RobertDay.

Prior to progressing with this next phase of development, we engaged John Derbyshire, FIPWEAQ to undertake a review of current contemporary practices, and what is in the pipeline, across Australia and overseas. John has identified almost 30 references that will be of value to our project.

The IPWEAQ Board recently received a briefing on the new native title and cultural heritage portals under development and we are very excited about the opportunities that this project offers for our members and councils across Queensland. Mark Lamont, our Information Resources Manager will also present to delegates at the 2018 IPWEAQ Annual Conference so please be sure not to miss this valuable session which follows on from a moot court based on a real case which has implications for all councils across Australia.

The 2018 IPWEAQ Annual Conference is once again shaping up to be another memorable event. These events continue to grow in stature every year and this year’s program suggests this year will be our best-ever. We have four technical tours this year, thanks to our hosts, the City of Gold Coast which has plenty of projects to reveal to us following the successful Commonwealth Games.

We received an overwhelming number of high calibre submissions from potential presenters this year and as a result, we have added a fourth stream to the program across three concurrent sessions (12 streams in total). There is likely to be a topic and stream to suit just about everyone.

Continued ...

One of the four streams is ‘technology and innovation’ which features papers on emerging technologies advancing the capabilities of public infrastructure and the City of Gold Coast’s transport and infrastructure’s integration of 3D visualisation technologies. 

Another stream, ‘investing in safety’ features papers on TMR’s road safety policy for Queensland and a new approach to reviewing speed limits.

Michael Pascoe is returning as our MC and with a keynote presentation. Michael will also attempt to moderate the Great Debate with teams arguing that tradition has no place in a modern workplace.

And just as we did in 2016 and 2017, we have invested wisely in quality keynote speakers including Michael McQueen who is a leading specialist in demographic shifts, change management and future trends which is critical to our planning for our communities.

The toughest gig of the conference this year goes to Young Australians of the Year, Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett, founders of Orange Sky Laundry. Run by more than 600 volunteers across 73 locations, washing more than 7,000 kilograms of laundry for the homeless every week, Nic and Lucas will inspire you with their innovation and social entrepreneurship. And if you’re late for this first session after the gala awards ceremony and dinner the previous night, be ready with your $20 donation to the President’s Charity, MS Queensland. We will have roaming credit card facilities available this year!

Finally, on behalf of the IPWEAQ Board, I am pleased to announce that our CEO, Leigh Cunningham has renewed her contract for a further three year term. Over the past three years, Leigh has worked tirelessly for IPWEAQ and we have continued to go from strength to strength in our membership, member services, governance processes and our financial position. We look forward to working with Leigh on the next phase of our growth.

Just a few weeks now until #IPWEAQ18 and I look forward to seeing you then!

Seren McKenzie