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IPWEAQ has developed the Temporary Traffic Management Toolkit to support the planning and design of safe, cost effective and efficient temporary traffic management solutions for low volume Category 1 roads. This is in response to concerns raised by councils that the adoption of the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) would place an undue burden on work activities related to roads with traffic volumes of less than 1,000 vehicles per day.

The Toolkit includes: 
  • standardised tools to assist a Traffic Management Designer (TMD) make informed, risk based decisions 
  • a suite of generic traffic guidance schemes for all standard situations 
  • a suite of traffic guidance schemes that can be modified to suit site specific requirements 
  • guidance materials to assist in the consistent application of products and processes

The Technical Reference Group is currently reviewing the toolkit which is due to be launched late October. For further information on the review, please contact Craig Moss
The Toolkit is included in the Public Works Technical Subscription (PWTS). If your organisation is not a subscriber, subscribe online or contact Melissa Bradley for any queries. 

Learn more about the toolkit

Up to 6 CPD Hours 

Cairns:15 October 2021| Maroochydore:1 December 2021| Brisbane: 8 February 2022

Up to 1 CPD Hour

Technical Talks Episode: TTM Toolkit | Craig Moss 

Available now on Knowledge Centre 

Learn more about the toolkit from David Thompson, IPWEAQ Industry Engagement Manager