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Women in Public Works Leadership Program

The Women in Public Works Leadership Program (WPWLP) provides Continuing Professional Development, tools, resources and support enabling female engineers to advance careers. Congratulations to our 12 participants for 2022!

The program also facilitates registration as a professional engineer (RPEQ) with 50 complimentary CPD hours (technical and non-technical) and guidance from our Learning & Assessment Coordinator. In addition to 50 CPD hours from our Professional Development program, participants receive complimentary registration to their Branch conference and complimentary registration to the Annual Conference, Brisbane, 11-13 October 2022. 

Between February and October, the program includes monthly presentations from guest speakers as well as: 

  • An Alumni LinkedIn Group with other successful women from our industry and engineering.
  • An opportunity to publish an article for publication in Engineering for Public Works.
  • A Community in the IPWEAQ Knowledge Centre with podcasts, articles, resources and a recommended reading list.
  • Opportunity to participate in other IPWEAQ initiatives from time to time.

For more information, to present or become involved, please contact:

Leigh Cunningham

Chief Executive Officer