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Enhancing the quality of life for all Queensland communities

Thank you to our dedicated members, experts and other public works specialists who contribute an enormous amount of time, experience and wisdom to our Working Groups. Join a working group and claim CPD hours for your service to the engineering profession.

ADAC Technical Reference Group

Developing and enhancing a robust data specification that underpins asset design and as constructed data.

Standard Drawings Working Group

Reviewing, updating and expanding a suite of drawings that provide an important technical reference for those working on public works projects.

Survey Standards Working Group

Developing a common standard of feature point and string codes, together with their relevant linestyles and symbols to be used for public works projects. A set of capture guidelines will support the consistent application of the survey standards.

Utilities Task Group 

Provide detailed guidance and advice on public utilities and related aspects of the Street Design Manual (SDM). This group will consider identified requirements for improvement of the SDM and undertake research into emerging issues and advances in technology.

Lower Order Road Design Guidelines Reference Committee

To review the current version of the guidelines to determine if the intent of the document is being applied in a way that reflects best practices and a sensible approach to the design and construction of the lower order roads.

Temporary Traffic Management Products Working Group

Creating a compliant toolkit to support the planning and design of safe, cost effective and efficient temporary traffic management solutions for low volume category 1 roads.

CAD Standards Working Group 

Creating a common standard of design parameters and systems ensuring a consistent approach to design across local government jurisdictions.

National Asset Management Strategy- Queensland (NAMS-Q) Advisory Group

Provide leadership and best practices for Queensland asset management practitioners, and identify needs that leads to more informed decisions and better outcomes for Queensland communities.

Supervisors Handbook Reference Committee

To review and update the current version of the Supervisor’s Handbook to ensure the content reflects the role of the current-day supervisor.


Please contact Craig Moss, Director Professional Services on 07 3632 6805 for all working group inquiries.